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HI!!! I'm happy to announce that i have finally fished reading I am Malala. It took me exactly nine days to read it so I would say that's pretty decent time frame. I'm happy I am making progress on my reading goals because I wasn't sure i would be able to accomplish them all, but after all these small steps I am feeling more and more confident that I will succeed! I have been trying my best to read 20-30 minutes a day so I can finish the novel and i finally have even thought I was getting side tracked half of the time. I am Malala is a very inspiring book; however, it is full of history  and facts, which i guess its not so surprising considering it is a nonfiction book. I sometimes find it hard for me to read the book because it feels as if I'm reading a textbook. But overall the book is very meaningful and uplifting.

When I read this book I am constantly surprised because a girl who is not even that much older than me is risking her life for standing up for what she believed in. Her actions motivated me not to back down in life when obstacles come at me. The fact that she was fighting  for education makes me for guilty for taking what I have for granted. We often forget how lucky we are.  Not many people realize how valuable something is until it is gone. This book taught me to appreciate the opportunities that life has give me, how valuable my education is, and how so many people would  love to take my spot. After reading this book Im going to try to be more thankful for what I have in front of me. I hope to fight for what I believe in just how Malala did.

I hope you all take in consideration of reading this book because it will truly make you think about life differently!:)


  1. I found it really interesting how you said,"we often forget how lucky we are," because it's so accurate. I don't know of any student that genuinely appreciates or values education at our school.


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